Thomas Winalek

trombone basstrumpet vocals

Thomas Winalek inherits music, from both of his parents and, actually, the whole big family, are musicians. That’s why about half of the Zellerndorfer music band`s members come from the “Winalek-Schneider-Clan”. At the age of 6 he began to play soprano recorder, and later, alto recorder. Thereby the foundations for his enthusiasm about brass instruments, was laid. The first chosen trumpeter-career didn`t last long because soon he fall in love with lower brass instruments and learned alto horn and trombone. The latter he is doing now at Music University in Vienna. If bohemian – moravian brass music is on the radio he turns up to full volume to the suffering of all passengers. Thomas also likes to play tennis and the normally pleasant guy can become quite angry and dogged over a lost game. But this doesn`t happen in games with his colleagues from Federspiel because in the games with them he is unbeaten.