Philip Haas

Trompete Flügelhorn Gesang

1987 Philip made his mother a Christmas present, that is not returnable for a lifetime - after a first sight at the bouncing boy any return desire would have passed away – since then he lives situational. Philip avoids subjunctive and tragedy, he`s always a positive and cuddly toy. Acting in class with his students not only demonstratively but above all innovatively and sensitively, rarely with imperative, as that would be mostly deconstructive instead of stimulating. Alternatively he grabs the microphone in concerts and acts impulsively, always with great creativity and quality. If ever something goes wrong, instead of being aggressive he is rather cooperative and contemplative. For a long time he has also been very active and sportive, driving the daily grind out of its mind. All in all he is a real superlative – not only decorative, but definitely very attractive and surely not fictitious.