Matthias Werner

trombone vocals

„Music is the art to think in sounds”: And Matthias Werner does that most of the time since kindergarten. Just 5 years old, he began to play recorder – back then the epitome of starting instruments. With time the interest grew and with it the instrument – about three years later it was bigger than himself – from that time on it had to be the trombone of all instruments. But how can a boy, that petite, handle an instrument that is two heads higher than him? With an almost acrobatic trick, of course! His teacher knotted a string on the main slide of the trombone and whenever his arm was too short for the right sound, little Matthias pushed the too long slide with drive forward and pulled it with the string back again. . In the meantime the resourceful little guy became a serious trombonist, music school teacher, singer, composer and songwriter who realizes and practices all those talents at the University of Music Vienna.