Frédéric Alvarado-Dupuy

clarinet vocals

Frédéric Alvarado-Dupuy begun his life as musician already in kindergarden, where he played recorder. The nursery rhymes became mature pieces of music and as the recorder didn`t grow musically in the same speed, he soon changed to the clarinet. He earned his Bachelor of music at Conservatorium Vienna and since Autumn 2013 is gaining experience in the Netherlands. At the Musikerstammtisch (“Stammtisch” is a table reserved for a group of regulars that traditionally meet on Sunday mornings) he passionately plays with other musicians in both traditional and experimental pieces, sings and yodels. If one enters a pub or a restaurant with live music with Frédéric, it can be that Frédéric spontaneously grabs the clarinet – mostly delighting the other guests. Fréderic loves cooking, but first and foremost eating. On his bedside table are piles of books and DVDs for which he hardly finds time. One reason for that may be the English soccer that makes him swear and cheer in dark pubs on quite a few Saturdays.