Ayac Iuan Jiménez Salvador

Trumpet flugelhorn vocals

A turquoise tracksuit, a bright blue Mariachi Sombrero and a backpack full of Playmobil. All that was indispensable for Ayac when he arrived at the age of three years, after a long journey coming from Mexico, in Krems (Austria). Of course things changed in the meantime: he exchanged the Playmobil for a trumpet and it` s high time to matches up the Sombrero with a great moustache. Ayac learned to play the trumpet in the same chapel as Matthias where they created their first ensemble and layed the foundation stone for Federspiel. Since then his interests have expanded. The longing for exercise led at first to Judo, then to Volleyball, dancing and finally to Capoeira Angola. But his intellectual desires also wanted to be satisfied. So it came that Ayac started to study Biology at the University of Vienna. Perhaps that`s where his particular liking of engaging his colleagues into conversation until complete confusion occurs and it seems that Ayac actually knows what he is talking about, comes from. Something else one has to know about Ayac: He loves Topfengolatschen (quark turnover) and all other sweet flummeries that go together with milk.